What Is Arthritis?

Osteoarthritis is the result of degeneration of cartilage or trauma and leads to pain and limited function. Arthritis and other rheumatic diseases are among the most common of all health conditions and are the number one cause of disability in the United States.

How Is Arthritis Treated?

Current treatment options for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are limited to resting, physical therapy, anti-inflammatories and/or steroid injections, and painful, often risky joint replacement surgery.

Furthermore, many of the treatments only mask the pain and symptoms of the disease rather than treating the underlying cause. The osteoarthritis and/or rheumatoid arthritis cause painful inflammation within the joints but because of the lack of blood supply within joints, the body’s natural healing mechanism cascade can’t be initiated.

Stem cell procedures have tremendous potential for treating arthritic disease and healing the degenerative tissue by extracting mesenchymal stem cells from areas of very high volume, such as the bone marrow from the hip, concentrating the cells according to a very precise process, and reinjecting them into damaged areas. These mesenchymal stem cells are multipotent, natural anti-inflammatories and have the ability to differentiate into cells that remodel and produce cartilage.

Many of our patients complain of very little pain during the harvesting process and are actually able to sleep through the procedure!

Stem Cell Therapy For Arthritis

The goal of each injection of stem cells is to:

  • Repair and regenerate cartilage
  • Decrease pain
  • Lessen stiffness
  • Reduce muscle weakness
  • Eliminate cracking and creaking within the joint.

Since the stem cells are autologous (meaning they come from the patients own body) the risk of rejection is extremely low. The vast majority of our patients experience almost immediate pain relief as soon as the following day!

Stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis and/or rheumatoid arthritis is currently being used to treat many areas of the body including the spine, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees and ankles. Very often, in addition to injecting affected joints specifically, our protocol includes infusing stem cells intravenously. The inflamed areas throughout the body strongly attract the circulating stem cells and enable us to help repair areas that are impossible to reach with an injection.

Dr. Charles Lee has specialized training and credentialing in Regenerative Orthopedic Injections and Stem Cell Harvesting and Isolation. Begin your journey to “Feel Better and Look Better”.