How To Chose A Stem Cell Physician and Center?

Today, people are living longer and seeking more life from their added longevity. Structures that play a crucial role in overall health and quality of life as we age are joints of the extremities, hips, shoulders, back, and neck. Thanks to advances in cellular therapy, individuals now have alternatives for improving joint function and reducing chronic pain associated with diseases, injury, and age-related deterioration of joints. As opposed to invasive surgery or the use of destructive cortisone injections, cellular therapy can extend joint longevity while improving mobility without relying on the implantation of artificial joints that can alter natural body mechanics, open pathways to infection, and entail lengthy recovery.

As with other advanced medical fields, good outcomes from cellular therapy or Orthobiologics entail using specialized technologies and personalized therapy by a skilled physician with advanced training and extensive experience. Such physicians practice regenerative medicine by injecting patient joints and associated structures with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Bone Marrow Concentration stem cells (BMC).

Hallmarks of quality in Orthobiologics that contribute to improved patient outcomes include:

Use of a flexible laboratory in which regenerative specialists customize PRP and BMC tissue concentrations. Critical equipment for such labs includes variable-speed centrifuges and equipment to count nucleated cells.

PRP and BMC Analysis are required to ensure these tissues meet quantity and quality standards. At Regenesis, we seek stem cell counts of 400 million or more and platelet concentrations great than seven times that found in the patient blood.

Maintaining a Procedure Registry provides a basis for associating patient outcomes with therapeutic strategies. Registry data should benchmark patient joint functionality and chronic pain prior to and following cellular therapy. Here at Regenesis, we grade patient joint function and chronic pain prior to any regenerative therapy and at one, three, and six months after therapy to document outcomes.

Patient Suitability Screening plays a crucial role in identifying patients who are good candidates for cellular therapy. As part of the screening, Regenesis patients receive a personalized procedure plan following detailed consultation with Dr. Charles Lee, who is a recognized expert in cellular therapy.

Cellular therapy should be based upon a Diagnostic Review of patient history and a physical exam performed by a physician skilled and trained in cellular therapy. At Regenesis, Dr. Lee uses MRI, Ultrasound, and other imaging.

Advertising about cellular therapies should be grounded in basic or known clinical science and include facility-specific outcome data. Also, the name and credentials of the physician who will perform cellular therapy should be clearly identifiable.

Training: Only a Licensed board-certified regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy physician credentialed by the state board of medical examiners, not a mid-level or part-time provider, should perform cellular therapy procedures. At Regenesis, Dr. Charles Lee has these credentials and plans and performs all cellular therapies.

PRP and BMC injections should be Image-Guided to deliver BMC and/or PRP to the target joint or tissue. Here at Regenesis, we use ultrasound imaging and fluoroscopy to guide injections.

Cellular therapy can provide patients with remarkable benefits. If you have any further questions, schedule a consultation at Regenesis Stem Cell Center by calling (256)715-8193.

Want to Know if Stem Cell Therapy is Right for You?

Stem cell therapy is an excellent alternative to orthopedic surgery. It is much less invasive and has little to no recovery time. Contact us today to learn how Regenesis can help you.

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