Regenesis Stem Cell Therapy Procedures

Regenesis Stem Cell Therapy Procedures

Getting started with Regenesis Stem Cell Center is as easy as calling us or completing our contact us form on this page! You will want to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lee so he can review your medical history, discuss your symptoms, and review any available medical imaging. Based on this information, Dr. Lee will determine if you are a good candidate for stem cell therapy.

Your Initial Appointment

Your initial appointment typically lasts about one hour for an in-depth and thorough review of all the necessary information. If labs or new imaging are needed, we will order these at this appointment.

Your Pre-Operative Appointment

If you are determined to be a good candidate for stem cell therapy, the next step is the pre-operative appointment. At this appointment, we will review all pre-operative and post-operative instructions, write your prescriptions, and review your labs and imaging. Additionally, you will need to place a non-refundable deposit to reserve your selected procedure day. We will also address all your questions and concerns at this appointment.

Your Stem Cell Therapy Procedure

On the day of the procedure, we will instruct you to eat a light breakfast before coming to the office. Once you have arrived, we will administer oral sedatives and ensure that you are comfortable in the procedure room. During the bone marrow aspiration, your comfort is of primary importance both during and after the procedure. Many of our patients completely relax or even sleep during the procedures. After the aspiration of your stem cells, the lab technician will begin processing your bone marrow and plasma. This processing typically takes 2-3 hours, during which you will be able to relax comfortably and have a visitor present if you wish. Once your stem cells have been concentrated, we will prepare you for injection. We will numb your injection point for comfort and use high-resolution ultrasound to guide the injection and ensure precise placement. The injection process's length depends on the locations and number of injections we have to perform, but typically, it lasts only 20-30 minutes. After your injections, you will be escorted by wheelchair to your vehicle and released to go home and resume regular daily activity. There is no downtime, no inability to use your joint or limb, and no long rehabilitation stay.

Your Follow-Up Process

Regenesis has an extensive follow-up process for our stem cell patients, including numerous phone consultations, occasional physical therapy consults, post-operative appointments in the office, and follow-up imaging, labs, or even tests in some instances. For our out-of-town patients, the majority of our follow-up process will be completed over the telephone.

Covid-19 – Please be sure to wear a mask and we ask that you practice social distancing while visiting our facility.

Finding Our Clinic

Regenesis is located just 15 minutes from Huntsville International Airport and our staff can assist in any lodging questions you may have. Ideally, any out-of-town patients would be available the day prior to their stem cell procedure for examinations and a personal meeting with Dr. Lee.

Regenesis Stem Cell Center

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Precision Diagnosis for Successful Stem Cell Therapy

Welcome To Regenesis – Successful stem cell therapy begins with a comprehensive precision diagnosis.

Patient Testimonials

"I had suffered from tennis elbow for years, I had three cortisone shots to try and suppress the pain. After having a PRP procedure done at Regenesis I have been pain-free. I am able to work longer hours and feel great! Thank you so much for giving me my arm back!"

"I came to Regenesis in June, met Dr. Lee and his wonderful staff. I had Stem Cell Therapy on both my knees in January, and I am feeling tremendous relief, walking without aching. Looking forward to jogging soon. Highly recommended!"

"I strongly believe in being your own health advocate! But it is really imperative to find caring, quality, competent healthcare professionals to help guide you in finding the right solutions to your health issue. I’m so grateful that I’ve been fortunate to come across Dr. Lee and his staff. Looking forward to continuing my care at this great facility!"

"My husband came to Dr. Lee and his staff for a stem cell procedure for the left knee. He found Dr. Lee after a recommendation from the Mayo Clinic. We drove 6 hours and would do it again. The staff put him at ease from the moment we walked into the office. They were warm, personal, and professional."

"Dr. Lee and his staff are so good at what they do. I used Dr. Lee to do the stem cell procedure on both of my knees. I was informed by a joint doctor that I needed knee replacements. I wasn’t going to be cut on, so I heard about Dr. Lee. That’s when I decided to go with stem cell therapy. I am so happy I did because my knees are so much better and with no downtime. I recommend this to everyone that is suffering from knee problems."

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Meet the Regenesis Team

Successful Procedure Begins with an Exceptional Staff

Each member of the highly skilled team at Regenesis Stem Cell Center is dedicated to helping you, our patients. We care deeply about the health and wellbeing of each individual who visits our clinic because, at Regenesis, our patients always come first. Our talented and exceptionally trained health care providers and support staff all play a key role in the success of the stem cell therapy procedures at Regenesis. With our years of experience and commitment to offering state-of-the-art regenerative medicine options, our priority is to offer each patient the highest possible quality of care so we can celebrate successful outcomes together.

Regenesis Stem Cell Center - Stem Cell Therapy and Procedure

Eric Lee

Lab Technician
Dr Charles Lee of Regenesis Stem Cell Center

Dr Charles Lee, MD

Founder of Regenesis

Dr. Charles Lee grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He attended Louisiana Tech University and was accepted early before graduation to LSU Medical School in New Orleans. After attending medical school at LSU in New Orleans, he completed his internship and anesthesiology residency at LSU Charity Hospital in New Orleans.

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Shelby Nelson

Shelby Nelson