Do All Doctors Use Precision Guided Injections for Stem Cell Therapy?

The best approach for successful stem cell procedures that will increase your mobility, reduce your pain, or treat symptoms associated with your diagnosis includes using precision-guided injections. For these highly accurate therapies, a qualified physician will use ultrasound and fluoroscopy during your stem cell therapy procedure. The imaging technology allows the physician to visually confirm that they are precisely aspirating and placing your stem cells exactly where they are needed. Since we have invested in state-of-the-art ultrasound and fluoroscopy equipment at Regenesis, we are able to offer the highest quality precision-guided stem cell procedures at our clinic.

Precision injections begin with a precision diagnosis. At Regenesis, Dr. Lee performs a comprehensive evaluation of each patient, including a complete physical and review of your medical history. He often uses ultrasound, X-ray, and MRI imaging to determine precisely where your stem cell injections should be placed. Finding your exact diagnosis and relying on precision injections will improve your stem cell therapy outcome because your live, healthy stem cells will reach the specific location where you most need healing. In a joint, for instance, with our advanced imaging capabilities, Dr. Lee is able to target an injury in your ligament, tendon, bone, encapsulated nerve, or aponeurosis by visually guiding injections of your stem cells into or directly next to the damaged or diseased tissue.

Once your healthy stem cells have been precisely injected into the injured or diseased area, your body’s natural healing process is supercharged as stem cells, and blood platelets begin working immediately to repair your damaged tissues. This regenerative process reduces inflammation and allows your body to rebuild ligaments, cartilage, joint bones, or muscle. We know that accurately placing your live stem cell injections will result in the best outcome for you. Infusions support injections, but they cannot replace the power of precise stem cell therapy to boost your cellular regeneration.

Not all physicians who offer stem cell therapy use precision-guided injections with ultrasound and fluoroscopy for their procedures. A physician may feel the structures around the injured area and look at the anatomy before injecting stem cells into a joint. If you want stem cell therapy that will more reliably and effectively improve your range of motion, reduce your pain, and repair your injury, find a highly qualified, board-certified physician. Dr. Lee uses precise diagnosis and precision-guided injections to put your healthy stem cells exactly where your body needs them. At Regenesis, we remove all of the guesswork from our stem cell therapy procedure by relying on our state-of-the-art imaging equipment. We need to know your injections are in the right place.

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Stem cell therapy is an excellent alternative to orthopedic surgery. It is much less invasive and has little to no recovery time. Contact us today to learn how Regenesis can help you.

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Regenesis Uses Precision Guided Injections