Stem Cell Therapy for Pain

Stem cell therapy is an outpatient procedure that can provide effective pain relief or an alternative to surgery

Dr. Charles Lee offers comprehensive joint and muscle pain therapy with state-of-the-art stem cell therapy at Regenesis Stem Cell Center. Our proven method uses your own stem cells to concentrate, activate and focus the body’s natural ability to heal. Stem cell therapy is a safe, effective procedure that specifically targets the source of your pain and can reduce your discomfort, improve the range of motion in a joint or muscle, or help your body heal more quickly after invasive surgery. Whether you have a new or old injury or have been diagnosed with a painful medical condition, our stem cell therapy could help improve mobility and decrease pain.

Learn More About Stem Cell Therapy for These Types of Pain

At Regenesis Stem Cell Therapy, we offer stem cell therapy that addresses each of the following types of pain:

When Should You Consider Stem Cell Therapy for Pain?

If your pain prevents you from pursuing the demanding or active lifestyle you enjoy, or if the range of motion in your shoulder or hip is limiting your regular activity, stem cell therapy is a safe, effective procedure that you should consider. At Regenesis, we’ve seen dramatic success in patients who experience pain from muscle strain, ligament tears, cartilage wear, or arthritis damage. Ligaments, tendons, and muscles are exceptionally responsive to stem cell therapy. Often, pain relief for our patients begins almost immediately following their stem cell therapy – often within days – because it is a non-invasive procedure that leverages the healing processes initiated by your own stem cells. With stem cell therapy, tissues can heal themselves in as little as three to six months.

Chronic pain does not have to limit the quality of your life: schedule a consultation with Dr. Lee at Regenesis for stem cell therapy to find out how this noninvasive procedure can help you.

The Advantages of Treating Stem Cell Therapy for Pain

Stem cell therapy at Regenesis is a safe, outpatient procedure that can provide effective pain relief or an alternative to surgery. Therapy can also be used alongside traditional medical solutions for pain, such as anti-inflammatories or physical therapy. It can speed healing and improve outcomes when surgery is necessary. With no lengthy rest period or extended recovery time, stem cell therapy has distinct advantages over traditional surgical solutions to treat your source of pain. Our stem cell therapy harnesses your healing process and focuses it where needed because we use your stem cells for your procedure. Remarkably, we have seen patients’ pain decrease substantially because of our state-of-the-art stem cell therapy.

Our Process for Stem Cell Therapy at Regenesis

Our stem cell therapy procedure is performed by Dr. Lee entirely in the comfort of the Regenesis Stem Cell Center in Huntsville, Alabama. As an expert in regenerative medicine, Dr. Lee will walk you through the entire process, from diagnosis to procedure to follow-up. He can also work with your personal physician to pair our stem cell therapy with traditional methods of pain management, like physical therapy. If you find that surgery is necessary, you could add stem cell therapy to your rehabilitation plan to harness the regenerative power of your stem cells to speed your recovery time and improve your outcomes.

Regenesis uses the highest standard for our therapy by using your own stem cells. Your stem cells initially form at conception and eventually give rise to every different cell type in your body. Mesenchymal stem cells, which we use for our therapy, can be extracted from your bone marrow and are able to form into the cells that build muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bones, tissue, and skin. We also combine these powerful stem cells with platelet-rich plasma, which we concentrate on your own blood. Together, your stem cells and platelet-rich plasma have the potential to heal torn, damaged, and injured tissue, muscle, and bone.

Find Pain Relief: Begin Your Stem Cell Therapy

If you have new or chronic pain in your joints or muscles, stem cell therapy could help you boost mobility, decrease pain, avoid surgery, or improve your outcome after surgery. You don’t have to live with debilitating pain: you can improve your quality of life with stem cell therapy. Contact Regenesis Stem Cell Center today for a stem cell consultation. Please reach us through our contact form or call us at (256) 715-8193.

Dr. Charles Lee of the Regenesis Stem Cell Therapy Center

Dr. Charles Lee – Regenesis Specializes in Stem Cell Therapy for Many Types of Pain and Injuries

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Patient Testimonials

"I had suffered from tennis elbow for years, I had three cortisone shots to try and suppress the pain. After having a PRP procedure done at Regenesis I have been pain-free. I am able to work longer hours and feel great! Thank you so much for giving me my arm back!"

"I came to Regenesis in June, met Dr. Lee and his wonderful staff. I had Stem Cell Therapy on both my knees in January, and I am feeling tremendous relief, walking without aching. Looking forward to jogging soon. Highly recommended!"

"I strongly believe in being your own health advocate! But it is really imperative to find caring, quality, competent healthcare professionals to help guide you in finding the right solutions to your health issue. I’m so grateful that I’ve been fortunate to come across Dr. Lee and his staff. Looking forward to continuing my care at this great facility!"

"My husband came to Dr. Lee and his staff for a stem cell procedure for the left knee. He found Dr. Lee after a recommendation from the Mayo Clinic. We drove 6 hours and would do it again. The staff put him at ease from the moment we walked into the office. They were warm, personal, and professional."

"Dr. Lee and his staff are so good at what they do. I used Dr. Lee to do the stem cell procedure on both of my knees. I was informed by a joint doctor that I needed knee replacements. I wasn’t going to be cut on, so I heard about Dr. Lee. That’s when I decided to go with stem cell therapy. I am so happy I did because my knees are so much better and with no downtime. I recommend this to everyone that is suffering from knee problems."

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Successful Procedure Begins with an Exceptional Staff

Each member of the highly skilled team at Regenesis Stem Cell Center is dedicated to helping you, our patients. We care deeply about the health and wellbeing of each individual who visits our clinic because, at Regenesis, our patients always come first. Our talented and exceptionally trained health care providers and support staff all play a key role in the success of the stem cell therapy procedures at Regenesis. With our years of experience and commitment to offering state-of-the-art regenerative medicine options, our priority is to offer each patient the highest possible quality of care so we can celebrate successful outcomes together.

Courtney Wagner of Regenesis Stem Cell Center

Courtney Wagner

Front Office Administrator

Courtney brings over a decade of financial and customer service experience to Regenesis and has a passion for helping people. Courtney began her career with Regenesis in February 2021. Quality customer service and patient care are top priorities for Courtney and she continues to provide this for our patients here at Regenesis.

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Dr Charles Lee of Regenesis Stem Cell Center

Dr Charles Lee, MD

Founder of Regenesis

Dr. Charles Lee grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He attended Louisiana Tech University and was accepted early before graduation to LSU Medical School in New Orleans. After attending medical school at LSU in New Orleans, he completed his internship and anesthesiology residency at LSU Charity Hospital in New Orleans.

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